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  • Clash Of Rage, the game !


    Mister Guillaume, Mister Benjamin, Mister Igor and Mister Matthieu clash and get unraged to win precious victory points.

  • Clash Of Rage, the explanation !


    Mister Benjamin, Mister Guillaume, Mister Igor and Mister Matthieu decide to fight for fun! But first, they should lurn that every art of war have is own rules...

  • Ticket to Ride, Rails & Sails, the explanation !


    When it is about planning trips around the world, Mister Jamie is a master. The master. Lord of trains, gold champion of cruises, he is our best element at TricTrac to talk with Monsieur Antoine about the new Ticket to Ride game.

  • Klash, the game !


    Mister Jean-Baptiste and Mister Matthias came by to show us their new kickstarter game Klash. Explained the rules with Mister Jamie before throwing him into the arena.

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